About us

Xurri Terres Vegetals, S.L. – TERVEX are manufacturers of professional substratum, vegetal soil for gardening and marketers of all kind of garden products and outdoors decoration.

At the semiprofessional and amateur level, we also offer our packed products in bags of different sizes (from 10L to 70L) as TERVEX brand.


In 1979 we started our activity in the agroforestal sector commercializing forest subproducts out of pine bark, heather leaves, shavings, sawdust.... usable for livestock bedding as well as fuel.



Later on, under Xurri Terres Vegetals S.L., we started crushing and composting these materials to get a higher quality in vegetal soil to be used in gardening and horticulture and, later, to manufacture compost for garden nurseries.

We are constantly developing new products and working along with our customers, trying to attend their demands, combining new materials, performing analysis and trying them out in our own nursery.

We’re facing challenges in an ever changing world, so we are developing products and substratum for both professional and amateur customers. We have changed our logo and name to: TERVEX. 

Our commitment

  • High quality products
  • The best customer's support
  • Back guarantee in 30 days

What we offer

In a variable sector, we have to offer advices to our clients with a main goal:

  • Customizing formulas, depending on the plants grown of each client.

  • Continuous training of our products is incorporated into the manufacture of substrates to improve their effectiveness reaching the ideal substrate.

  • Advising on amateur gardeners and gardening accesories that we sell part of our land we are improving with vegetable mixture required.


R & D of Tervex evolves at the same rhythm as other activities. This section is formed by a specialized team that let Tervex offering high quality products and improving our costumer's services.

We've got a small laboratoy where:

  • Raw materials, the base of our substratum, are quelified and analysed.

  • Some analyses are done to control the composting process.

  • It analyse the going-market substratum.

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