Shreded pruning remains, free from impurities, designed to protect the ground.

Material without composting with a natural aspect that avoids the spreading of weeds, conserves humidity and saves on the consumption of water. 


For the garden and large flower gardens:
Optimal for a rustic and natural decoration that gives a finishing look of undergrowth.
Mulch for plants to avoid the proliferation of weeds, conserve the humidity of the earth saving on consumption of water and enriching the land when they decompose.

To use, spread a layer of 4 or 5 cm of  VEGETAL MULCH very carefully between plants. To avoid all maintenance, we can put an anti-germination mesh to keep all weeds under the pine chips.  
It can be used in gardens, large surface areas, flowerbeds, paths, around tree trunks, zones where it is impossible to grow grass, zones where it floods easily… 

Characteristics VEGETAL MULCH

Approximate density 300 kg/m3
Granulometry 0-30mm


1 m3
1/2 m3
1 m3
1/2 m3